“Stingray Bay” (Directed By Dalma Boros)

A short montage of underwater footage set to amiina’s “Seoul,” this video showcases the stingrays and sharks that lived at Stingray Bay in Toronto during the summer of 2011.

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  1. DR

    you ever get the feeling where you’re swimming with sharks but their teeth represent the thoughts you must dodge to maintain your composure in a sanity-driven market of aquiline immensities and then some flat thing with a tail starts circling you and then a whole school of them start do all these whirl-a-gigs and you try to walk the line between real and fake and then you wonder if it’s all just a metaphor for the mind but you pay it no mind and then you tell yourself to mind your own business as you push the button of the elevator resembling a spine in a spineless world coated in brine?

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