“The Purge” (James DeMonaco/Hawke, Headey & Burkholder) Trailer


In the near future, the United States has become a utopia once again; unemployment rates are at 1% and crime is at an all-time low. The only reason things are like this is because the U.S. government has enacted a program called “The Purge.” For one night out of the year, over a 12-hour period, all criminal activity, including rape and murder, is legal. Emergency services are suspended. Hospitals are closed. Nothing is against the law. The Purge acts as a catharsis for the American people — a chance to release the pent-up rage they keep inside of them. This ritual helps keep crime rates at a low level for the rest of the year.  The movie centers around a single wealthy family whose home has been fortified to protect them from outsiders during one of these purges.


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