“Mars & Avril” (Martin Villeneuve/Languirand, Dhavernas, Ahmarani & Lepage) Trailer


Mars & Avril is a visually stunning sci-fi fantasy set in a futuristic Montreal. With visual effects help from Carlos Monzon (Avatar, Transformers), Villeneuve has crafted a debut with the grandeur of a Hollywood blockbuster and the eloquence of the art house. With the first manned mission to Mars as its backdrop, Mars & Avril follows three musical geniuses: Jacob Obus, an aging jazz musician and legendary lothario; Eugene Spaak, a late technological wizard who lives on in a cybernetic body; and Arthur, who builds instruments modeled after female bodies. Each of the three finds their lives altered by the appearance of the gorgeous young photographer, Avril. A poetic love story set in a sumptuously rendered future, Mars & Avril provides a science fiction world of a kind rarely seen on screen – it is subtle, beautiful and distinctly Quebecois.

Made on a $2 million budget.  Directed by the brother of Denis Villeneuve (Incendies).

Song featured in the trailer – “Mars & Avril” by Ramachandra Borcar:

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