9 More Awards Season Roundtables Courtesy Of The Los Angeles Times, Variety & The Hollywood Reporter: Directors, Actors, Leading Actresses, Supporting Actresses, Documentary Directors, Composers, Studio Executives, Casting Directors & Producers


Directors Spike Jonze, Steve McQueen, John Lee Hancock, J.C. Chandor, Nicole Holofcener & Paul Greengrass.

Actors Emma Thompson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Forest Whitaker, Oscar Isaac, Harrison Ford & Lupita Nyong’o.

Leading actresses Brie Larson, Julie Delpy, Adele Exarchopoulos, Greta Gerwig & Kathryn Hahn.

Supporting actresses Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Melissa Leo, June Squibb, Julianne Nicholson & Sarah Paulson.

Documentary directors Errol Morris, Lucy Walker, Alex Gibney, Morgan Neville, Teller & James Toback.

Composers Hans Zimmer, Christopher Peck, Henry Jackman, Thomas Newman, Steven Price & Alan Silvestri.

Studio executives Jim Gianopulos, Donna Langley, Alan Horn, Rob Moore & Tom Bernard.

Casting directors Juliet Taylor, Ellen Lewis, Patricia DiCerto, Laura Rosenthal & Jennifer Euston.

Producers David Heyman, Mark Wahlberg, Charles Roven, Pam Williams, Michael De Luca & Dede Gardner.

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